- We are software solution company with 18 years old of experience in teaching and home schooling. Located in USA and Lebanon. Our interest in learning is just as important as our dedication in school online software and transmitting knowledge to new generations.

- We strive to always be up-to-date with all techniques to constantly give our customers all the means to achieve their goals using the latest tools in hand.

Since 2001, we used long-distance learning methods because we believed that there are no borders for self-education and self-improvement. In the current online school, using the Internet seemed like evidence and MY SCHOOL PORTALS was born. We installed this online school tracking platform to help parents, teachers, adminstation and students get in touch with no boundaries of time and location. Just get connected and be ready to interact live with your chosen online school! Save time, forget about transportation and traffic, learn at your convenience, ask questions, follow-up on homework and get great results! The school online software and application secured and highly surveyed. Our online schools are carefully selected with a full background check. Let's get together and make the best of this MYSCHOOLPORTALS.COM !