Android and IOS application includes:

1) Multi-Language:

When we developed the android and ios applications, we took into consideration the importance of all the students being able to access and use this app no matter where they are. Therefore, our application is a multi-language application which is currently available in both languages English and French. Other languages such as Portuguese and Arabic will be included in the near future.

2) Agenda and Schedule:

My School Portals application contains a page which displays the student's agenda based on his grade and section. The agenda for each subject will be uploaded by the teacher or the admin and this agenda will be directly displayed on the agenda schedule of the student. Students may sometimes forget to write the agenda in class and thus forgetting to do their homeworks for that day or even forgetting to study for a quiz. By using the agenda available through the application, all the students will be able to view their class agenda and will always remember to do all their homeworks and study for their exams and quizes. In addition, this online class agenda will reduce the time wasted in class on writing the agenda and will thus provide the teachers with additional time to explain their course materials and answer the students' questions.

The student can also view his class schedule for the whole year and keep track of all his courses and their timings through the use of the schedule page provided for him inside the application.

3) Online Library and Lessons:

Students may sometimes be forced to miss their class lessons and class explanations due to sickeness, family issues or other important issues. In that case, students might miss an important chapter and even miss the chance to write some extra notes about the chapter. Since enhancing the quality of education is our main target and we would like to make education more fun and interesting for all students, we provided a section inside the application which will contain all the class notes as PDFs and class lectures and explanations as videos. These information will be uploaded by the teacher to the school system and will be available to all the concerned students 24/7 whenever they need it.

In addition, we provide an online library inside the application which is designed to contain all the class books that the students will need for the whole year as PDFs. These books will be uploaded to the school system by the administrator and the teachers and thus be available to all the concerned students to view and download. This online library has many advantages and benefits such as decreasing the heavy weight of the student's backpack thus decreeasing back pains, students will have all their books available with them wherever they go and students won't have to worry about accidently forgetting their books at school the day prior to an exam.

5) Attendance:

The students' attendance can be taken directly online using the teacher's panel and will directly be available for the students to view on their application in the attendance page (as shown in the images on the left). The student can keep track and monitor his attendance using this schedule and check how many days he have missed for this month.