Admin privileges include:

1) Multi-Language:

The school administration panel is available in multiple different languages. It is available in English, French, Portoguese and Arabic.

2) Appointing teachers' schedules:

The admin uses the calendar (the one on the left) in order to assign and alter each teacher's schedule in order to fit the school's needs. The admin can add, modify, and change the date and time of the teacher's appointments to ensure synchronization among all the other teachers. The concerned teacher will then be notified of any new changes made to his/her schedule. In addition, the students can check their newly updated schedule by using their mobile account and opening the 'class schedule' page. This page will display the whole week schedule of the student's class.

3) Adding new students:

The admin has the privilege to add new students to the school's website and provide each student with his own username and password in order to have access to the school's application and the 'student panel' through his own account. The student can then access the app through his credentials and get all the information he needs by the click of a button. The student will have access to the school notes, agenda, schedule and many others. In addition, during the process of registering the student, the admin also provides a username and password for the parents which helps them to access the 'parent panel' using their mobile account. As a result, the student will have his own account where he receives class notes,schedules,course explanation,agenda and many more, while the parents will have another account where they can track their child's movements, view their exam grades, receive notifications about payment due dates, and many more.

4) Adding new teachers:

The admin has the privilege to add new teachers and provide each teacher with his own username and password in order to have access to the school's website and the 'teacher panel' through his own account. The teacher can then check his schedule by using the calendar (on the left) and know what classes and meetings he has throughout the whole day. The teacher will also be notified of any new changes made to his schedule and can organize his day accordingly. By using the teacher panel, the teacher can also upload all his/her students' grades to the school system and can add a remark or note next to each student concerning his/her exam grade. In addition, the teacher can also take the class attendance directly online using his/her panel. Each student's monthly attendance is available to him in the 'attendance' page in his account.

5) Adding Libraries:

The admin can add PDFs and videos such as school notes, school books and course explanation videos to the online library of a specific grade. Each grade's library is available to them through their application account. The students can download all their class notes and class explanations from this online library directly into their phone and have it with them 24/7. By using the online library, the students will not have to worry about forgetting their books or notes at school the day prior to an exam.

6) Students' Attendance:

The admin has the ability to view and modify the attendance of all the students from all the classes by using the above attendance list schedule. The admin can use this attendance list to monitor the students behaviors and send remarks or notes to their parents if neccessary. Any note sent to the parents by the admin or the teacher will directly notify the parents and can be viewed in their 'parental' account.

7) Exam Grades:

The admin also has the ability to view all the exam grades of the students from all the grades and sections. A list of the students and their grades is displayed for the admin to view and modify if neccessary. Similar to the teacher, the admin can also write a side note or remark next to each student's grade in order for the student to view. According to the students' grades, the admin can also notify and send a note, if neccessary, to the parents through the use of the application.