About E-learning:

Students may sometimes miss school days due to sickness, family issues or many other reasons and thus being forced to skip the class lessons and class explanations. The student will then have to find a classmate that will explain the new chapter and provide him with the neccessary class notes. By using our website and application, the students can download the full class explanations as a video and watch them when needed. The student can also download the teacher's notes for all the chapters as PDFs through the use of our application. In order for the students to have access to all these information, both the teacher and the administrator has the ability to upload videos and notes from their accounts to the school's system. In that way, students will be fully equipped with all the neccessary information to help them achieve great success in school and in education.

About E-library:

For centuries, students have been forced to carry all their books with them everyday to and from the school and thus resulting in heavy loads on their backs and even resulting in back pains on the long term. Through the use of our website, the teacher and the admin can upload all the neccessary school books for each grade and section to the school's system and thus providing the students with online books. The students can download these books from the library page in the mobile application and have them present with them 24/7. The E-library will help to reduce the weight of the student's backpack and thus reduce the back pain that they might be subjected to.

In addition, students may sometimes forget their books at school when they need them to study for an exam. The E-library provides 24/7 access to all the student's books in order to assure that all the students have the ability the achieve great educational success and pass their exams.

Administration Panel:

My school portal's administrator panel provides the admin with full control over the website's and application's contents. Concerning the website, the admin can control all the website's information and contents using his admin panel. For example, the admin can add and modify the website's information, images, contact information, design and many more. In addition, the admin can add new teachers and students to the school system and provide each one with his own username and password to access his school account. The admin has the ability to appoint each teacher's schedule and appoint a schedule for each class and section. The admin can also modify and add an agenda for a specific section. Exam grades for all classes can also be viewed and modified by the administrator.

Teacher Panel:

No need to submit the class grades orally in class and lose unnecessary time. Using the teacher's panel, each teacher will get the list of all their students in all their classes and thus can submit their exam grades online and write a remark or note next to each grade for the student to view. These grades are accessed by the students through their application account in the 'grades' page which displays their grades and the teacher's remark. The teacher can also take the attendance online through their own account by using the attendance schedule as shown in the figure above. This is also viewed by the students through the 'attendance page' on the mobile.

Parent Panel:

Parents also have their own school account which is provided to them by the administrator upon registering their child at school. When registering the child at school, the admin gives a username and password for each of the student and his parents. Both will get their own account and will receive relevant information. The parents will be kept up to date with the newest information and will receive notifications concerning the school's payment bills and the due date of the payment. In addition, parents will receive the teacher's notes and administration notes directly to their mobile account, thus keeping them notified of any new information that might concern them. The parents can also track their child's movements through the use of the 'tracking' page that is available in all the parent panels. This tracking page help the parents to rest assure about the safety and whereabouts of the child. Exam grades can also be viewed by the parents to keep track of their child's school progress and education thus ensuring that their child is on the right path.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Let's suppose their was an important class lecture and the student couldn't attend school that day due to severe sickness. Or let's suppose there was an important parent - teacher meeting or conference and the parents couldn't make it. By using advanced technology, parents and students can use artificial reality and virtual reality to their advantage. Students can watch that important class lecture from home by using AR / VR, which builds a virtual environment and makes the student feel like he is really in the class. Parents can also attend that parent - teacher meeting or conference and even participate in the conference by using AR/VR.